Washer Disinfector Specifications
Washer Disinfector size
Washer Disinfector Compartment usable space: 26” wide x 26" high x 29" deep
Washer Disinfector Overall Unit 42" wide x 80" high x 36" deep Sliding Door(s) 
Washer Disinfector Surgical Instrument Washer features:
Washer Disinfector load and unload configuration:
Washer Disinfector front load and unload: pass through load and unload The Washer Disinfector is provided with an unload door and an additional cycle status indicator on the unload end, allowing one-way product flow from the contaminated area to the clean area. Washer Disinfector shall be provided with a combination of rotating jet spray and direct spindle spraying for all treatment solutions. The Washer Disinfector spray system consists of a single rotating spray arm mounted above, and interchangeable spindle wash or a rotating jet spray arms mounted below for internal treatment of the racked items. The Washer Disinfector bottom header automatically couples to the re-circulated wash rinse treatment. Washer doors shall be provided with a full view, tempered, double glass viewing window. Washer Disinfector stainless steel treatment components: All Washer Disinfector treatment components, including jet spray system, screens, pump,  and recirculating piping are constructed of 304 stainless steel.
Washer Disinfector temperature safety features
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Washer Disinfector computer control panel
A Washer Disinfector solid-state microcomputer control system monitors and automatically controls all process operations and functions. A Washer Disinfector twelve-cycle treatment menu may be programmed and retained to permit operating personnel to accommodate a wide variety of loads and processing requirements. Individual cycle phase times and temperatures and other key process parameters are programmable. Each Washer Disinfector cycle may be locked by supervision to ensure process integrity. The Washer Disinfector Cycle programming may be controlled by a supervisory access code. Each cycle program may be reviewed on demand.
Washer Disinfector automatic treatment cycles
Washer Disinfector times and temperatures
Washer Disinfector temperature guarantee
The Washer Disinfector operator may select to guarantee the temperatures for any re-circulated phase of the cycle. If the Washer Disinfector temperature guarantee is selected, the phase will not begin timing until the re-circulated water temperature reaches the set point. If the Washer Disinfector re-circulated temperature drops below the set point during the phase, the timer will stop. Once the Washer Disinfector set point temperature is again met, the phase-timer continues from where it stopped thus assuring the set temperature during entire  treatment phase time.
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