BRAVO Tabletop Styerilizers offer a flash sterilization cycle and the Statim 5000 Surgical Instrument Sterilizer Autoclave is fast and efficient.
Countertop Sterilizer 
Table top Sterilizer
BRAVO 17 Sterilizers, BRAVO 21 Table Top Steam Sterilizers
Table top Sterilizers with Flash Sterilizer Cycle
BRAVO Table top Sterilizers offer 18 minute sterilzer cycle.
Surgical Instrument Tabletop Sterilizer with flash sterilzer cycle.
The BRAVO 17 Tabletop Sterilizers, BRAVO 21 Tabletop Sterilizers, and the ever popular SciCan STAIM 5000 Tabletop Sterilizer  with the 11 sterilizing minute cycle of the for unwrapped instruments. The SciCan BRAVO Tabletop Sterilizer (with Flash  Sterilizer Cycle) drying system provides a perfectly dry load every time. In addition, Bravo’s large  capacity allows the  office to quickly process three wrapped full-size cassettes or up to fifteen pouches. Unlike many other simple Tabletop  Sterilizer  chamber autoclaves, the Bravo Tabletop Sterilizer Countertop Sterilizer uses only fresh distilled water for  every cycle. The SciCan BRAVO Tabletop Sterilizer has been designed to  pull clean distilled water from a container as far  as six feet away and then push the used water directly to the drain, freeing up valuable time for your  staff. The SciCan  BRAVO Tabletop Sterilizer comes in three models to suit the most far ranging requirements. The SciCan BRAVO Table top  Sterilizer features a  Flash Sterilizer Cycle.
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Tabletop Sterilizers with Flash Sterilizer Cycle
Bravo tabletop sterilizer specifications
Model Unit Size: 22.0 x 19.0 x 16.5", 560 x 480 x 420mm 4.5gal 10 x 13.5"
17L 254 x 343mm 121 lbs
Bravo 17v Tabletop sterilizer Flash Sterilizer 
22.0 x 19.0 x 16.5", 560 x 480 x 420mm 4.5gal 10 x 13.5")
17L 254 x 343 (mm)) 128 lbs
Bravo 21V tabletop sterilizer specifications
25.0 x 19.0 x 16.5", 635 x 480 x 420mm 5.5gal 10 x 17.5"
220 / 230V 60Hz, 10A, 2300W
220 / 240V 50Hz, 10A, 2300W
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