The removal of emulsified bioburden from eye surgical instruments is the most difficult cleaning challenge. Surgical procedures that involve suction produce emulsified forms of bioburden, this includes eye surgical procedures that use phacoemulsification. Cleaning orthopedic surgical Instruments and cleaning eye surgical instruments offer the most difficult cleaning challenges due to the emulsification of lipids and proteins. The all-in-ONE eye surgical instrument cleaner is designed to provide a residue free surface when cleaning eye surgical instruments. The easy-FOAM-it is an all-in-ONE eye surgical instrument cleaner that prepares eye surgical instruments for effective and faster cleaning. One product for cleaning eye surgical instruments. One application for cleaning eye surgical instruments. Apply it once. it's all you really need for cleaning eye surgical instruments, breaking down and removing all forms of proteinaceous bioburden, and delivering a clean, residue free eye surgical instrument surface. The all-in-ONE is free rinsing and designed to deliver a residue free surface when 
cleaning Eye Surgical Instrumentscleaning Eye Surgical Instruments You will not need any additional cleaning products for: hydrating and removing dried on debris from Eye Surgical Instruments, pre-cleaning soaking Eye Surgical Instruments, removing stains from Eye Surgical Instruments, manual cleaning Eye Surgical Instruments, ultrasonic cleaning Eye Surgical Instruments, or automated cleaning of Eye Surgical Instruments. The easy FOAM-it pre wash and soaking cleaner is a unique formulation of multi-tiered high-level enzymes, detergents, and a surfactant chemical complex to: break-down bioburden, clean the surface of eye surgical instruments, prevent corrosion, remove stains from eye surgical instruments, and lubricate the moving parts of eye surgical instruments. The enzyme detergent lubricating cleaners cut costs, clean faster, and clean residue free. When the easy FOAM-it is applied directly to soiled eye surgical instrument & scopes, it delivers all of the cleaning conditioning power you need in ONE application. The easy FOAM-it  multi-tiered high level Enzyme Formulation (Protease, Amylase, Lipase, and Carbohydrase enzymes) quickly removes the most stubborn organic encrustation and bio-burden from eye surgical instruments including: blood, fat, carbohydrates, starches, and protein. The easy FOAM-it high-level surfactant Chemical Complex breaks down and removes bioburden from eye surgical instruments, cleans the surface of eye surgical instruments, removes stains from eye surgical instruments, and conditions the surface to prevent the staining and corrosion of eye surgical instruments. The free rinsing all-in-ONE easy FOAM-it  Chemical Complex will condition the source water and counter the effects of hard water for optimal spotless eye surgical instrument cleaning. 

The all-in-ONE is free rinsing and designed for cleaning eye surgical instruments