TASS  Toxic Anterior Segment Syndrome
Cleaning Eye Surgical Instruments rinsing clean.
A number of TASS cases have been shown to be the result of deficiencies in the methods used for cleaning eye surgical instruments and sterilizing the eye surgical instruments. Cleaning chemicals used during the cleaning process can be a factor in causing TASS  if enough of the cleaning substance enters the eye. Eye Surgical Instrument Cleaners Detergents, enzymes, and residual metallic ions that are left on the eye surgical instruments as a result of inadequate cleaning and rinsing have been implicated. Eye Surgical Instrument Cleaners should be Neutral pH and free-rinsing to facilitate a residue free eye instrument surface. This can be instrumental in preventing TASS . In addition, heat-stable bacterial endotoxins in sterilizer reservoirs or water baths may contaminate instruments. Denatured viscoelastic materials trapped in eye surgical instruments and cannulas can also result in TASS . Redundant rinses during the cleaning of the eye surgical instruments can be instrumental in preventing TASS . Surgical Instrument Washer Racks have been developed for cleaning eye surgical instruments. These Eye Surgical Instrument Washer Racks were developed to provide consistent and thorough cleaning and are programmed to deliver gentle wash cycles and the redundant rinses that are necessary for cleaning eye surgical instruments. The automated eye surgical instrument washers also lower cleaning costs and provide a rapid turnaround for eye surgical instruments. When cleaning eye surgical instruments, multiple rinses can be an important to secure a residue free surface for preventing TASS. Properly flushing the lumens with large amounts of rinse water can be tedious and time consuming, but it is a critical step in preventing TASS. Automated Eye Surgical Instrument Washers secure the consistent delivery of the "Proper Sequence of Treatments" for cleaning eye surgical instruments.
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The all-in-ONE Eye Surgical Instrument Cleaner 
The cleaning and rinsing of eye surgical instruments for cataract surgery appears to be an important factor involved in many cases of TASS. For cleaning eye surgical instruments we can offer the following information. The all-in-ONE Eye Surgical Instrument Cleaner was originally formulated for the purpose of cleaning eye surgical instruments and is formulated as a highly effective, free-rinsing cleaner for all forms of bioburden, minerals deposits, and stains. Four enzyme Eye Surgical Instrument Cleaners are necessary to break down all forms of bioburden. Eye Surgical Instrument Cleaners that do not deliver Lipase , Amylase, Carbohydrase, and Protease Enzymes cannot remove all forms of eye surgical instrument bioburden. The all-in-ONE Eye Surgical Instrument Cleaner has been formulated with multiple enzymes within a non-foaming chemical complex to provide an ultra-clean, residue-free surface. The all-in-ONE is also available in the form of the easy-FOAM-it. The easy-FOAM-it dispenser creates a thick layer of foam on the surface of the eye surgical instrument. When water is added the foam dissipates. The initial foam is valuable for hydrating debris and to prevent encrustation on soiled eye surgical instruments but FOAMING DURING THE EYE SURGICAL INSTRUMENT CLEANING PROCESS IS DETRIMENTAL AS IT WILL INHIBIT PROPER CLEANING AND RINSING. This is especially important when using Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaners and Eye Surgical Instrument Washers. CLEANERS WITHOUT FOAM CONTROL require excessive rinsing. Excessive foam can cause unwanted residuals to be retained on the instrument surface.  The all-in-ONE Eye Surgical Instrument Cleaner is free rinsing and renders a residue free surface. The all-in-ONE Eye Surgical Instrument Cleaner will exceed your expectations as a residue-free eye surgical instrument cleaner. We encourage you to evaluate the all-in-ONE Eye Surgical Instrument Cleaner. Your eye surgical instruments will look newer and perform longer. The all-in-ONE Eye Surgical Instrument Cleaner is designed to provide a residue free surface and for cleaning eye surgical instruments cleaner. The easy-FOAM-it Eye Surgical Instrument Pre wash Cleaner is Neutral pH and free rinsing for cleaning eye surgical instruments cleaner. Contact us for Surgical Instrument Detergents and Enzyme Surgical Instrument Detergents.
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