Surgical Instrument Washers
Pass through and 2 door Surgical Instrument Washers
Washer Disinfector Surgical Instrument Washer construction
The surgical instrument washer disinfector base, wash chamber and chamber sump are constructed of 304  Stainless Steel. The surgical instrument washer disinfector frame and cabinet, door and hardware are # 304 Stainless Steel with vertical sliding doors. The chamber door(s) are of double-wall construction A tempered double-pane, full view glass observation window is provided in each door. The surgical instrument washer disinfector is insulated with a moisture resistant protective covering. The chamber sump is equipped with a level control switch, automatic water fill port, and a stainless steel heating coil for the re-circulated treatment solutions. The surgical instrument washer disinfector control system displays and monitors re-circulated solution temperatures. The sump is completely drained after each phase, preventing cross-contamination between treatment phases and cycles. All re-circulated treatments are under pressure of a stainless steel 3Hp pump. This surgical instrument washer disinfector system is equipped with a solid state pressure sensor. The Washer Disinfector is equipped with a transformer for the control circuit; integral Type-2 coordinated protective magnetic starters requiring no upstream fuses for overload protection of all motors, and all other electrical components required for the operation. A top-mounted light is provided to illuminate the wash chamber.
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yourCEBA Surgical Instrument Washers
yourCEBA Surgical Instrument Washers
yourCEBA Surgical Instrument Washers
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