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Surg-Enz 404C Enzyme Detergent Concentrated Instrument Cleaner
Surg-Enz 404SCLF Enzyme Detergent Super Concentrate Instrument Cleaner
Surg-ENZ CST-404SCLF Enzyme Super Concentrate Surgical Instrument and Scope Cleaner
The Surg-ENZ CST-404SCLF Enzyme Detergent Super Concentrate Surgical Instrument and Scope Cleaner Is designed for manual cleaning, ultrasonic cleaners, scope cleaners, and automated surgical instrument washers. The Surg-ENZ CST-404SCLF advanced multi-enzymatic Detergent Cleaner is a neutral pH Enzymatic Detergent, for fast enzymatic and detergent cleaning. The Surg-ENZ CST-404SCLF advanced reduces cleaning time by rapid and efficient removal of stubborn organic encrustation. The fast rinsing cleaner is free of metal-attacking agents, for residue free spotless instruments, and does not contain scale forming phosphates, chlorides or hydroxides. The Surg-ENZ CST-404SCLF formula includes bacteriostatic agents to inhibit bacterial growth. The Surg-Enz, CST-404SCLF Multi-Enzymatic Detergent Cleaner, is highly effective for fast and efficient removal of dried blood, proteins, fats (lipids), carbohydrates, mucus, albumin, synovial fluids and bone marrow. The Surg-Enz CST-404SCLF is safe and effective for all flexible and rigid scopes, stainless steel, aluminum, tungsten carbide, copper and brass instruments.
Directions for using Surg-ENZ CST-404SCLF MSDS Surg-ENZ
The CST-404SCLF is designed ror use as an automatic washer detergent or as a manual pre-soak for surgical instruments, scopes and utensils. For use with automated washers, program the washer to  deliver 1/8 to 1 oz.  per  gallon  of  water, depending on the water  quality  and  level of bio-burden. The CST-404SCLF is highly effective at all temperatures, but when using with automated washers, the optimal cleaning and foam control is achieved at 120°-140° F. Allow at least 1-2 minutes cycle time.
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The Surg-ENZ CST-404SCLF is packaged as:
CST-404SCLF-2.5, 2 x 2.5 Surg-ENZ gallon bottles packed per case
CST-404SCLF-5, Surg-ENZ 5 gallon plastic jug with handle
CST-404SCLF-15, Surg-ENZ 15 gallon plastic drum
CST-404SCLF-30, Surg-ENZ 30 gallon plastic drum
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