Bravo 17 Sterilizer Specifications
Bravo 17v Tabletop sterilizer with Flash Sterilizer cycle
Bravo 21v Table Top Steam Sterilizers 
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Bravo 17 is a fractionated vacuum sterilizer.
The Bravo 17 Pre Post Vacuum Sterilizer is a Countertop Sterilizer, Tabletop Sterilizer, Tabletop Sterilizer for eye surgical instruments and offers sterilizer Cassettes for specialty surgical instruments. The Bravo 17 Tabletop Countertop Sterilizer is easy to use and delivers reliable and accurate performance.
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Bravo 17 Sterilizer Specifications
Bravo 17 Sterilizer Cycle Times 
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Bravo tabletop sterilizer specifications
Model Unit Size
22.0 x 19.0 x 16.5"
560 x 480 x 420mm 4.5gal 10 x 13.5"
17L 254 x 343mm 121 lbs
Bravo 17v Tabletop sterilizer Flash Sterilizer 
22.0 x 19.0 x 16.5"
560 x 480 x 420mm 4.5gal 10 x 13.5")
17L 254 x 343 (mm)) 128 lbs
Bravo 21V tabletop sterilizer specifications
25.0 x 19.0 x 16.5"
635 x 480 x 420mm 5.5gal 10 x 17.5"
220 / 230V 60Hz, 10A, 2300W
220 / 240V 50Hz, 10A, 2300W
Table Top Steam Sterilizers
Bravo 17 Table top Sterilizer Specifications