Buy Endoscope Enzyme Detergent Cleaners designed for manually cleaning endoscopes and for use with endoscope washer disinfectors, surgical instrument washers, and endoscope washers. The British standards as presented by HTM 2030 is the NHS standard governing endoscope washing and disinfection of medical equipment disinfection, endoscope decontamination, and disinfection of instruments. We all know that infection control in health care environments has become a major concern for both patients and clinicians, and breaking the connective chain of risk is now a first priority. There is continuing debate over the adoption of hospital standards of endoscope instrument decontamination in primary care, and while guidelines exist there is no absolute imperative. Nevertheless, common consent and common sense agree that the hand washing of endoscopes is wholly inadequate. Hospital CSSD departments work to NHS standards to ensure effective endoscope decontamination.
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The initial endoscope flushing is carried out at a designated temperature of less than 35°C to prevent protein coagulation (proteins coagulate at 35°C, so an initial hand wash in hot water is equally ineffective). During the wash phase there is a controlled release of endoscope enzyme detergent. The endoscope enzyme detergent cleaners must be designed to facilitate total cleansing.  The rinsing phase includes a thermal disinfection high temperature (93°C) water rinse which has a micro-biocidal action against a wide range of infective organisms and also removes any chemical residues from the wash phase. Tubular shaped endoscope cleaning sponges offer an additional margin of safety when cleaning endoscopes. These endoscope cleaning sponges speed the cleaning process, removing all forms of bioburden, including lipids emulsified fats from soiled endoscopes, while cleaning endoscopes stains, cleaning mineral encrustation from endoscopes, and conditioning the endoscope surface.These endoscope cleaning sponges are pre-loaded with a highly concentrated Enzymatic Enzyme Detergent Endoscope Cleaners. The all-in-ONE enzymatic enzyme detergent endoscope cleaner is packaged as a pre wash enzyme endoscope cleaner 32 ounce 12 / case, the easy-FOAM-it enzyme endoscope cleaners are used as a pre wash cleaner or to clean incrustations from endoscopes, and to maintain the hydration of soiled endoscope bioburden prior to the endoscopes being cleaned using endoscope washers. The all-in-ONE enzymatic enzyme detergent endoscope cleaner is packaged as UPS1-1 in one gallon jugs. The 1 gallon jugs of the enzyme endoscope cleaners are typically used for endoscope washers and manually cleaning endoscopes prior to the disinfection of endoscopes or the sterilization of endoscopes. Ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning provides no reliable means of validation, and their use for instrument decontamination is questionable as they do not provide the full and proper sequence of surgical instrument cleaning treatments. There are currently very few manufacturers from the medical NHS hospital market in the UK that is now providing GDP’s with tabletop sterilizers, table top autoclaves, and endoscope disinfecting equipment. For Information refer to: surgical instrument washers, surgical instrument enzyme cleaners, surgical instrument detergentstabletop sterilizers, table top autoclaves, surgical instrument disinfecting equipment, and endoscope disinfecting equipment. The conventional dishwashers lack accurate time and temperature controls and does not validate its cleaning cycle.
Endoscope Washer Disinfectors, Endoscope Washers, Dishwashers
Automated Endoscope Washer Temperature Parameters for Cleaning Endoscopes should not be heated over 199,4°F (93°C). Automated endoscope washer temperature parameters for cleaning flexible scopes should not be heated over 149°F (65°C). Properly designed automated endoscope washers can deliver the proper endoscope disinfecting temperatures.
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