Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaners boost reprocessing productivity. Buy Ultrasonic Cleaner Solutions that clean surgical instruments more effectively and lubricate during ultrasonic cleaning. Buy lubricating Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaners that boost ultrasonic cleaning power. Buy Ultrasonic Cleaners with integrated height adjustable work sinks. The UPS-1 Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaner contains a proprietary blend of Surgical Instrument Lubricant surfactants, specialty polymer cleaners and four enzymes: protease enzyme cleaners, amylase ultrasonic enzyme cleaner, lipase enzyme cleaners, and carbohydrase ultrasonic enzyme cleaners, that work together to clean and protect stainless steel  surgical instruments. The all-in-ONE and ONEcleaner ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning solutions thoroughly and rapidly break down and clean  all forms of  proteinaceous bioburden, including blood, fat,  carbohydrates, starches, and protein. This Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument  Cleaner surfactant chemical complex forms a protective   micro layer to condition the passive layer and protect the surgical instrument stainless steel surface against corrosion and pitting. The all-in-ONE and ONEcleaner ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning solutions are highly concentrated deliver the most effective ultrasonic cleaning available. ONE gallon of the UPS-1  Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution delivers 512 gallons of ultrasonic cleaning solution.The all-in-ONE and ONEcleaner ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning solutions will cut ultrasonic cleaning costs, replace multiple produtcs, and clean residue free. The all-in-ONE Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaner Detergent cuts through tough, built mineral and bioburden  encrustations and is safe to use for all metals, plastics, and coatings. The all-in-ONE Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument  Cleaner Detergent achieves its superior cleaning performance from a unique triple play cleaning formula. Two high  performance detergent surfactants and four enzyme cleaning ingredients render the highest quality cleaning, assist in  preventing stains and corrosion and then are easily rinsed away. The all-in-ONE Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaner  Detergent speed of digesting lipids during cleaning and rinsing time are the keys to performance. This results in fast  cleaning and avoids re-deposition.

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Contact us for surgical instrument cleaning detergents, surgical instrument cleaners, and surgical instrument cleaning detergents that lubricate while they clean. After being cleaned in Surgical Instrument Washers with an integrated automated Ultrasonic surgical instrument Cleaner Solution using a combination enzyme detergent cleaning concentrate: the evaluation of Surgical Instrument Washers with Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution confirmed that the efficacy of disinfection was 100%. All surgical instruments and utensils tested were sterile at the completion of the process. Surgical Instument Cleaning Prior to Sterilization studies. Contact us for the UPS-1 Ultrasonic Surgical  Instrument Cleaner Solution that will lower your costs for ultrasonic cleaning, we guarantee it. Ultrasonic surgical instrument Cleaners can be integrated into height adjustable work sinks. Contact us for: Surgical Instrument Washers, Ultrasonic surgical instrument Cleaners for cleaning surgical instruments effectively, Ultrasonic surgical instrument Cleaners, Surgical Instrument Cleaning Brushes, Endoscope Cleaners , and Endoscope Enzymatic Cleaners.

Surgical Instrument Washer Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution