Neutral-pH Surgical Instrument Cleaner
Manufacturers of stainless steel surgical instruments are consistent in their recommendations for the use of neutral pH detergents and the proper sequence of cleaning treatments to optimize surgical instrument care and the sterilization of reusable surgical instruments. The foundation of their neutral pH recommendations are based on a sequence of chemical and mechanical treatments which include using: neutral pH chemicals, combination cleaning agents (enzymatic enzyme detergents), cold water pre-wash, elevated temperature detergent cleaning, redundant purified water rinses, and elevated temperature hot air drying. Since neutral pH enzymatic cleaners use naturally occurring proteins to combat stains, they are an especially useful alternative cleaner for those concerned with using neutral pH surgical instrument cleaning products that are environmentally friendly. Using a neutral pH enzymatic cleaner can reduce environmental impact and help keep the user safe from adverse, allergic reactions associated with using irritating surgical instrument cleaning products. When choosing an enzymatic cleaner, consumers should take care to select one that seeks to maximize the enzymatic cleaning process, since many cleaners include low concentrations of enzymes cleaners for gaining market share without delivering a clinically effect concentration of the four enzyme surgical instrument. Though a small amount of enzymes in a formulation can have cleaning effects on the agent's cleaning abilities, highly concentrated four enzyme cleaners will consistently render the highest quality cleaning outcomes. Consumers should select an enzymatic cleaner that is appropriate for the item to be cleaned. The all-in-ONE is neutral pH, non-irritating and biodegradable. The lubricating neutral pH Surgical Instrument Cleaner with conditioners and the four enzyme neutral pH Surgical Instrument Cleaner delivers lower cleaning costs with fast and cost effective cleaning, and we guarantee it. Imagine, a Surgical Instrument Cleaner that replaces multiple cleaning and conditioning products, lowers surgical instrument cleaning and conditioning costs, and improves the  performance of Surgical Instruments. Buy Surgical Instrument Detergents that deliver the power of 4 enzymes. Contact us for surgical instrument detergents and enzyme surgical instrument detergents.
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