Statim Tabletop Sterilizer Flash Sterilizer
Statim 5000 Statim 2000 Tabletop Countertop Sterilizer Cleaning instruments prior to using statim: Before sterilization or high-level disinfection, instruments should be cleaned so that any debris is removed. Cleaning is a prerequisite to sterilization of eye & dental surgical instruments. Combination or all-in-one enzymatic based cleaning concentrate solutions facilitate effective instrument cleaning. Heavy-duty gloves should be worn for handling contaminated instruments. Instruments should soak in water or disinfectant/detergent as soon as possible after use to prevent drying of debris. If the instruments cannot be cleaned soon after use, the application of a ‘combination’ or all-in-one enzymatic foam spray will maintain hydration, prevent encrustation, prevent corrosion, and facilitate cleaning. Bravo 17 sterilizer, Bravo 17v, tabletop sterilizer, Bravo 21v, tabletop sterilizers, Statim 5000 Statim 2000 Tabletop Countertop Sterilizer Automated cleaning prior to using statim: Washer Decontaminators/Disinfectors may be used to reduce direct handling of contaminated instruments. Automated cleaning will reduce overall costs and facilitate a more rapid turnaround of instruments. Washers provide thorough surface cleaning and flushing inside working channels to eliminate the manual cleaning of lumens and working channels. This will ensure that instruments are consistently clean inside and out, thereby reducing the costs and avoiding the worker risks associated with manual cleaning. New design Washer Decontaminators, such as the M3 Washer Decontaminator, will eliminate costly manual cleaning and are available in compact countertop or undercounter models. Statim 5000 Statim 2000 Tabletop Countertop Sterilizer and Preventing corrosion of surgical instruments: Using rust inhibitors or an all-in-one enzymatic based cleaning concentrate will protect instruments from corrosion that may result from autoclaving. Thorough rinsing is important to prevent spotting, stains, and accumulation of potentially toxic contaminants. Automated Washers tend to render higher quality instrument care and longer useable instrument life.
Bravo 17 Sterilizers Flash Sterilizer 
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Bravo 17 Tabletop Sterilizer Flash Sterilizer 
Bravo 17v Tabletop sterilizers
Bravo 21v Tabletop sterilizers
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Bravo 17v Table top steam sterilizer with the Flash Sterilizer Cycle
Bravo 21v Tabletop sterilizer Flash Sterilizer
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The Bravo 17 Pre Post Vacuum Sterilizer is a Countertop Sterilizer, Tabletop Sterilizer, Tabletop Sterilizer for eye surgical instruments and offers sterilizer Cassettes for specialty surgical instruments. The Bravo 17 Tabletop Countertop Sterilizer is easy to use and delivers reliable and accurate performance. 

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Bravo 17 Countertop Sterilizer 
Bravo 17 Tabletop Sterilizer 
SciCan Bravo sterilizer
Bravo 17 Pre Post Vacuum Sterilization
Bravo vacuum sterilizer 24 month manufacturer warranty.
Available in Bravo 17L and Bravo 21L chamber sizes:
Bravo vacuum sterilizer 17L = 10" x 13.5"
Bravo vacuum sterilizer 21L = 10" x 17.5"
Available in 120V or 220V electrical options.
Bravo vacuum sterilizer available with or without printer.
Bravo vacuum sterilizer unwrapped cycle times as low as 18 minutes. Bravo vacuum sterilizer Intelligent closed-door drying (Dri-Tec Technology). The newest addition to the autoclave family, the Bravo fractionated vacuum chamber autoclave, continues the tradition of being at the forefront of innovation and technology. The Bravo is also for fractionated vacuum sterilizing.
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Tabletop Sterilizer
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